How do I change server server icon?

A server icon is an image that appears on the left side of the server name in the Minecraft client's multiplayer list. You can change this server icon to your liking.

Before doing so, the image you use must follow these specifications:

  • Image size / dimension: 64 pixels by 64 pixels
  • File type: .PNG
  • File name: server-icon

Server Icon - Specifications

After preparing the image to be used for the server icon, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to File Manager on the panel (
    Server Icon - File Manager
  2. On the top, press Upload.
    Server Icon - Upload
  3. Confirm that you have uploaded the server icon.
    Server Icon - Confirmed
  4. Restart your server and you are done!
    Server Icon - Custom Icon

You and anyone who adds your server to the Multiplayer list on the Minecraft client should now be able to see your custom server icon.

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